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    From the look of some of my previous posts (this one and this one), it might have given the impression that I am more of a colour and print person when it comes to my fashion preference. Well, while the statement itself is neither entirely right nor wrong, my day-to-day wardrobe palette as a whole definitely leans more on the neutral and minimal side. Personally, I never liked to categorized things and prefer to keep an open mind with my fashion choices – I like an all over print piece just as much as a plain white tee. But then, I would usually rather have the accessories to be in charge of the statement making duty, as they are considerably the most fun and make even the most simple (by that I meant boring) outfit turned heads (see examples of their magic here). Or it is simply due to the fact that I just love shoes and bags a bit way too much; any excuses we could make up to buy more of them are welcomed, right? Sure I still adore a statement piece of clothing, something I used to focus on largely before. However, now most of these loud babies, worn and unworn, all got buried under my trusty basics and classics. You know, those staples that can be easily layered and styled up to create a zillion of outfit varieties.

    So, for those of us whose closets are predominated by aforementioned pieces and looking to shake things up a little bit in summer, metallics are the call for that purpose for sure. Here, mind you, I am specifically referring to none other than the basic silver, gold, and all those pale metallic shades that can seamlessly blend right in with your neutral day-to-day palette. But, if you are the brave kind and up for a challenge, you have my full support to go for bolder options. Now, the trick of keeping it casual with metallics, that won’t scream ‘too much’ in the day, is really to pick the right genre of styles with minimal detailing. Oversized pieces, in particular, work great at suppressing that flamboyant-ness of metallic hues. And, of course, we can’t leave denim out of the picture when doing casual. In this case, let it be a pair of non-distressed plain jeans to keep it classy and polished. With all these boxes ticked, you are pretty much set with a metallic-centric look that will take you through day and night.




    ZARA linen cami top | ZARA oversize silk blouse | Helmut Lang jeans | Acne Studios silver mules


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