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    I am the kind of person that detests the idea of putting anything, or anyone, into a box. And the same attitude also goes towards my personal style since it largely revolves around my mood, and also because I get bored very easily. But, if I must sum it up for a newly met friend, I would say, ‘it very often starts from the feet up’. I think my obsession with shoes is on a rather unhealthy side. Just like jeans, I am on a forever lookout for the next pair. But then, at least that ‘sickness’ has given me the confidence to pride myself in being able to spot a trendsetting pair of shoes, that someone else might have overlooked.

    Fast forward to the present, there is this one particular shoe style that has caught my eyes more than once when I am browsing around to update my wishlist of late. And that for sure is a sign for me to put that onto my fashion radar. All of them happened to abundant in ultra-thin strips of leather, which make up some pretty cool retro style footwear that is just too damn perfect for summer. If you are one smart lady, you would get them now before they are in everyone’s shopping cart. Ready, set, go!

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