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    It really takes some serious self-discipline to form a daily routine when one works independently – and it only counts if you can stick to it ultimately on a long term basis that is. I have been quiet bad with mine for some time and those sleepless nights surely did not offer any positive contribution to my overall work productivity. You know some transformation ought to be made when you feel like you are about to be sucked into that familiar depressive ‘black hole’ (guess we all experience that once in a while) – this eventually brings me to introducing this breakfast smoothie that blended with a selection of superfoods into my diet. This new routine has only been going on for 3 days and my sleeping pattern is already starting to show improvement – since you have something healthily yummy to look forward to the next morning. Yes, food is always a powerful motivation indeed. To get more fit, my next ambition is to add an hour treadmill session after the energy boosting. It is in fact rather ambitious for me since running is never my kind of fitness preference, despite being a regular gym and yoga class attendant. We shall just sit back and see how far this will go then.


    1 banana

    1 cup flaxseed/almond/soy milk

    1 tbsp maca powder

    1 tbsp spirulina powder

    1 tbsp acai powder

    1 tbsp chia seeds

    1 tbsp coconut virgin oil (melted)

    1 tsp organic maple syrup (optional)

    And, green leaves are also welcomed when you are in need of some extra cleansing (I normally do spinach or kale for their approachable taste)

    Bon appetit!

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