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    While the fashion world is now all about seasonless dressing and we are also gradually leaning towards the same direction with our own wardrobe arrangement. It is no longer relevant to conclude that leather is a winter-only thing, nor lightweight fabrications are for warmer days. If you feel like it, wear it. As long as it is nothing too outrageous, of course. Now, let me guess – you too still got a few pieces of fall item kept among your summer assembles as we speak. Am I right? Sure you are not all alone when attempting to wear fall items in summertime. But then, some styles are best to be kept in the season that they belong to. For instance, the whole idea of wearing sandals with socks in the fall just never seems quiet right to me. Our subject of discussion today – straw accessories – are what I put in that same seasonal-limited category together with espadrilles.
    Having yourself armed with woven straw pieces during summer is just as natural as putting butter and jam on your toast – needs no expert guidance. The beauty of straw items lie in their magical power that can instantly polish off, and add a touch of summer to any outfits. And their ability to transform something intangible is also unquestionable – emotions. Here in Hong Kong, we have undergone as many gloomy days as sunny days this summer, if not more. Thanks to my trusty set of straw essentials though, my brain can at least get a feel of summer and keep it safe from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – yes, it is an actual thing and people do suffer from it, apparently.


    Now, when implementing straw pieces into your outfits, I would suggest to go beyond the norm and don’t be shy to experiment with different styling approach to set yourself apart. Summer dresses, resort-inspired tops, gladiator sandals, if these are what you have in mind, then, think harder. Still nothing? All you need is two simple words – contrast and balance. Like how I wear my straw hat and bucket bag here with a satin top and crepe wide-leg pants. There you have it – a material contrast and a balance between formal and casual. An effortless express styling job well done – easy peasy. All inspired and ready to give my formula a test with your straw pieces of choice? Then, better go out there and make the most of these seasonal babies when we still can. Because once autumn arrives, it would be the playtime for felt and fur.


    polo top | Weekend Max Mara Anson pants | Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers | Sensi Studio straw bag | Catarzi straw hat (Asos exclusive)


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