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    Just in time for a reality check that the last grand party of the year is exactly two days away. Gosh! The pressure is definitely on. So is the excitement to show the world that ensemble which some of us have been planning ahead for some time now through all the holiday cyber sales. Pretty sure that you are one of those smart visionary pro-shoppers who already has one or two New-Year’s-Eve-appropriate-reduced-priced pieces at the ready. Consider yourself a winner already if that is the case my darling. But then it is not the the end of the world even if you still have zero idea what to wear, and just gonna leave it all until a few hours before the clock hits midnight and work with whatever your closet holds. You will still have a chance to claim the night’s style-queen crown with a forward beauty look (all the way to 2017 kinda forward). For this reason I have spotted these beauty looks from the SS17 runways that are perfect fit for the glitter-filled occasion. Don’t worry. They would only require amateur level makeup skills to achieve – and somehow trick people into thinking that you had put in more effort and time than you actually did. Sounds good enough?


    High Shine Lippy Game

    This one is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Glittery dress and eyes are easily the staple couple for party season, but glitter lips? Who would have thought of that? The great Pat McGrath, of course. Even if you are not a fan of sparkling things, putting glitters on the lips is a cool-girl thing to do I can assure you. A bit reluctant about taking the whole idea into literal practice? Then metallic lipsticks are probably your best alternative – just keep scrolling for some of the product options. Yes, please!

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    Give Me Some Sore Eyes

    Pink is not exactly the kind of shades that is considered as cool-looking when it comes to eye makeup. It is all a bit too flamboyant to my taste personally and could easily goes wrong when hasn’t been done right. But Anna Sui definitely had me rethink it all with its pink smokey eyes. And because everything goes on New Year’s Eve, so why go safe when you can go outside the eyelids and blend the eyeshadow all the way to the temples and cheeks, like how it was done at Kenzo and Louis Vuitton.

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    All Eyes On The Ears

    Yes, size does matter. Just when you think you have seen it all, there is this devious thing called fashion that never failed to wow us, every time. This season is all about the statement earrings in blow-up sizes – just imagine decorative art pieces, but for the ears. If you are too lazy to even bother with makeup, simply go out there, grab the biggest pair of earrings in sight, and you are ready to go. Just bear in mind that the most on-point way to sport this look is either wear an asymmetrical pair, or a single earring only.

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    Cover image: Anna Sui Spring 2017 via Vogue.com


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