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    Some trends come and go in the blink of an eye, some turns from a seasonal sensation to a staple we don’t wanna let go of. I would say them slick and shiny vinyl pieces (PVC, patent, whatever you like to call them) sure have it all and fit into the latter clan like no other. At least from what I see, they are still making a great deal of appearances in the Insta-sphere. It is also another style that I am happy to save a permanent spot for in the wardrobe next to the extra-long sleeves. Well, at the end of the day no girls can say no to anything shiny.
    This high-shine style is one of those controversial things that you either love, or just not a fan of. I can see why if you fall into the latter group. Because fashion-wise, nobody wants to look like she is stuck in the 90s – not in a good way. But since the fashion world is currently obsessed with everything plastic, the good old PVC has also been getting some major modern-day makeovers. So maybe you can put your worries aside, and try to embrace this glossy trend with an open heart all over again.

    I opted for this Shrimps biker coat as a more on-trend and light-weighted alternative to leather. Coats and trenches in shiny texture are a popular winter-friendly style to wear now. While it is always fail-safe to keep things simple when working with this tricky material, I also like to throw some colours in sometimes – with moderation of course. Like how I pair the black vinyl with a mustard coloured top underneath here to avoid the risk of going down The Matrix route with too much black.


    SHRIMPS biker coat || LEVI’S jeans || TOPSHOP sweater || LOUIS VUITTON ankle boots || RAY BAN sunglasses


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