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    Cover Image: Andreea Diaconu in WSJ. Magazine’s March issue

    Knowing that you are getting some extra bang for your money would surely help rationalize your shopping sometimes. It just seems almost impossible to resist something that offers multiple styling ways with minimal effort needed from your side. Two for the price of one – who (in their right mind) would say no to that, really? But of course, too-good-to-be-true fairytales don’t happened everyday. And I sure hope your fashion GPS is on full blast to spot them when they do. Now – to tip you off – may I introduce you to the latest transformable trend for your feet – the foldable loafers. They are basically your trusty loafers that could be worn as mules with as little as a push of a flap of fabric at the back. Formal (day) or casual (night) – all within the snap of a finger. Could it get any more convenient than that? If you are about to invest in a fresh pair of the cool backless this spring (which is always a good idea by the way), look no further than these new two-in-one styles. When you know you are making a smart economic choice, what is there to lose?

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