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    Very much like our ever-enlarging shoe collection, there is always that one pair of sunglasses missing to suit our outfit. Before we even get to break out the pair we got last year, the sun is gonna shine bright again very soon. With new styles, new trends emerging and everything, it is that time again to give our collection a little modernization to stay ahead. Mind you we are looking at something more than your black acetate ones or trusty Ray Bans – which we all probably wear a bit too often – in a good way. But, new season is for experimenting with new styles. Knowing that it can be quite a pain to pick one from a swarm of different styles out there, here is a guide of the 3 key trends that will serve you just right this summer. You don’t need to look further to save time.

    The Retro-spectives

    If you haven’t noticed, the retro-inspired sunglasses are very hot right now. The modernized versions of Kurt Cobain’s staple oval shape, or 60s cat-eye frames are especially popular and easy to wear – just look at Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid sporting theirs on repeat. These attitude-packed shades will undeniably work like a charm to spice up your casual looks any day.

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    The Tinted Eyes

    It is time to put your black lenses on hold, and turn to something more colourful for a change. A bit of colour never hurt anyone, considering it is summertime after all. Houses like Gucci and Tom Ford are the all-time advocates of the tinted sunglasses to showcase their 70s spirit. The best thing about them is that they are not as harsh as dark lenses, which make them even appropriate to be worn indoor. See? No fashion-compromise needed when you are with these babies.

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    The Futuristics

    The bigger-than-your-face flat-top style is unarguably the next level of cool. It provides a full coverage from sunlight, while the back-to-the-future shape makes sure your style statement is made on point. It just has that power to elevate whatever you are wearing to a high-fashion state. Take cue from Victoria Beckham who is a notorious flat-top regular.

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    Cover image: www.jamesdayphoto.com


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