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    The word versatile holds a very special place in many fashion girls’ heart when it comes to making fashion choices these days. Us girls have a particular soft spot for pieces that are transformable, or ones that can be easily styled to cheat the world as a brand new purchase. It all just takes some creativity and trial-and-error to get there. The most enduring piece of that category in our closet must be the universally loved button down – the kind that would forever be of great use to us regardless of season. When it comes to styling their button downs, all the creative fearless ones would never failed to come up with fresh ideas. Such as wearing it off one or both shoulders, or completely front to back – you name it, we had most likely done it.
    As for me, my shirts got more work to do than just being a (transformable) top. They also have to qualify as something to serve the purpose of layering. An oversized and lightweight button down makes the most perfect little jacket for spring summer. Or even better, a shirt dress that also doubles as a dustcoat. Yes, nothing can stop us to find our way to layer it up in all circumstances. A a matter of fact, I tend to wear my shirts fully opened a lot more than the other way around lately. There is just something that feels so nonchalant when doing it the boys’ way – same goes to wearing your onesies halfway down. So bored with your overworn shirt and thinking of packing it away to make room for new buys? Just try throwing it over as an outerwear next time and you might fall in love all over again.


    NLST cotton shirt || COS white t-shirt || JAMES JEANS denim skirt || GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI ankle boots


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