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    As the weather gets warmer and warmer, conscious or unconscious, items in my shopping cart also naturally get brighter and brighter to match. I sure wouldn’t find myself be saying this some years back, my fondest colour for this spring and summer shall be the most flamboyant one of all – think pink! From being someone who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing any shade of pinks, to someone who just made the aforementioned statement, I sure have come a long way. Looking at life in a positive light, it is always good to growing out of your comfort zone. Who says people don’t change? (in a good way in my case)

    As to what shades and styles to go for, which is the key to be completely pink-safe, I prefer something either very bold like fuchsia, or muted and dusty. Baby pink is an off-limits zone that I mostly try to stay away from. That’s just not for me. You simply can’t wrong a blazer, so when there is a good pink one comes into sight, just grab it and run! I never would have thought that I need a pair of pink sneakers, at least not until I laid eyes on this Adidas Gazelle I am pairing here with the C/MEO blazer. The salmon pink is such a unique and precious shade on sneakers – a great summery choice to add to the sneaker collection.


    C/MEO BLAZER || RE/DONE t-shirt || BALENCIAGA pants || ADIDAS Gazelle sneakers


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