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    Nothing great in life – great as in nowhere less than expected – would come by without a bit of work on planning ahead. As much as we hate to deal with it and procrastination seems to always get the better of us, we had learned the lesson the hard way, so many times. When it comes to the planning of our new season wardrobe though, that’s another story; the earlier the merrier, always. The job can go straight to the top of our priority list, with good reason – good stuff simply don’t wait.

    Now, it all gets even more exhilarating when the damage is being done for none other than the party season where endless festive celebrations are in order. These are the only f-u-n fun times when we could care less about being judged appearing in the most OTT pieces, simply because dressing up is mandatory then. And that brings the spotlight to the look that could very likely make or break our social status for the rest of the year and beyond – the Halloween costume – which essentially will require more planning ahead work to be done with. Haven’t got on that one just yet? You might consider to get it moving right now piece by piece. May I suggest to kickstart by working your way up from the feet? We know all too well that the magic always happens with a pair of statement shoes. Or, the simple fact being that we can never have enough of excuses to buy more shoes. Fair enough. Especially when all the hottest flashy elements of the moment are involved – glitter, chunky platforms, cartoon motifs, funky prints, you know, all them glitz and glam. If Saint Laurent and Gucci are all about them too, you know these babies won’t wait around too long. Act now or never!

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