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    73a04680232e6695240dd69b932f8e10Credit: Natasha Poly by Terry Richardson

    Ok firstly, I should probably point out that this post is not a real-life case study on fashion girls’ liking for their Starbucks. Sorry to disappoint. But really, what I have here is a constructive guide based on the beverage preference of my own. Please don’t get put off already. I promise you will still find it just as useful, and trustful. Need validation? Well, let’s just say that as someone being in fashion long enough, I know too well how abnormally wary our girls are about calorie intake and nutritious diet. As I too am one of those strict weight watchers. But then, you know some of us still have naughty cravings, and Starbucks is a rather irresistible one to give up on. Now, what if you belong to our tribe, but also loves that cuppa too much to hold herself back from going through that glass door every time? Hell to the no! Cutting down the number of visits is simply out of the question. Just keep reading to learn a few hacks, and you shall have a guilt-free drink to sip on.

     1. All-black will always be in style.

    Americano is one of the most frequent things I get at coffee shops. No, I don’t put milk or extra sweeteners in them, and you shouldn’t, too. I also like to have at least one extra shot of expresso for my Starbucks’ coffee, as they are normally too diluted. If you are extra concern about calorie intake, plain black coffee is really something worth to get used to. Not to mention all that health benefits they will bring. If the skinny French ladies are drinking them religiously, you know there are good reasons behind.

    2. Sweeteners are your worst enemies.

    Try to minimise your sugar intake to the max by asking for unsweetened or reduced sweetness versions, always. Most cold beverages at Starbucks are made with syrups, which are the worse and best avoided. Not only they are loaded with calories, but the chemicals they contain are also bad for your general health. Mind you, giving up sugar doesn’t mean you have to put up with a bland tasting drink. You just have to know what to order – green tea latte, chai tea latte and tea lemonades are still yummy when unsweetened. If you must cheat, stevia is the only acceptable sweetening option.

    3. Be wise with your choice of milk.

    It just makes sense to go for the skinny version (with skim milk) when you are watching your weight. They are lower in calories compared to whole milk. Especially when you want to indulge in a Frappuccino, skim milk can sure put this otherwise evil drink in the guilt-free zone. However, if you opt for skim milk for skin health reason (i.e. acne). You might want to reconsider your choice. According to recent study, skim milk turns out to be more likely to make you break out than whole milk. Surprise, indeed. To be on the safe side though, I say why not lose the animal fat completely and turn to more ethical options, like soy milk. For those in the U.S., almond milk and coconut milk have also become available. Oh, lucky you!


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