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    You would most likely agree on this one – the fashion world has become a bit too obsess with everything basic that it has almost forgot where the fun is. We just can’t avoid seeing topics like ‘5 chic ways to wear a white t-shirt’ or ‘8 must-have basics that you will always go back to’ every now and then in the digital world. Not that I am complaining. I love all my trusty basics, and no decent wardrobe can shape up without these guys.
    But we all have that story in our life – to wake up one day wondering how the hell did we end up with a wardrobe filled with countless identical ‘basics’ (at least you can’t tell their difference with a naked eye). The saddest thing is, nothing is stopping us to make it worse. It is like our brain has been bewitched by the word basic somehow. You can hear that enchanted voice telling you to get that plain sweater or blue jeans again – because they are wearable – when every time you intended to go a bit more adventurous with your shopping. I am all for effortless and comfort dressing. We live in the best time for minimal style. But let’s be honest, a closet flooded with overly basic pieces can get a bit, well, BOOOORING (there I said it, the taboo word of Fashion language).

    It was until recently that I found I need to break my ‘basic’ shopping pattern. You know it is time for a change when your own wardrobe is boring the hell out of you. It is like cancer for a fashion girl. Luckily, the cure really is nothing more than turning a complete blind eye to all the already-exist-in-your-wardrobe basics. Instead, explore the sweet spot of the new modern version of basics. The subject in discussion today is the most classic of them all, a white shirt. Know that you are just a click away from a whole new world of everyone’s all-time favourite basic style. They now come in every new form a girl can ever dream of. With just the right amount of modern twists, these fresh looking staples still manage to stay wearable for office to off-duty. Guess I have found my new ‘basics’ that just make repeated purchases ever so acceptable. I swear being a ‘basic bitch’ has never been more in style.


    Theory Tamalee shirt || Current/Elliott The Kick jeans || Hermes silk scarf || Puma Basket Classic sneakers

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