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    “I wanted to celebrate 10 years of the brand with a collection that sums up many things for me and what I stand for” – to exhibit this, Nicholas Kirkwood brings us the ’10’ collection which has launched tonight in Hong Kong at On Pedder. The number ’10’ is also an remembrance of being ten years old all over again, the time when toys & video games are all that matter to us. For the designer who grew up in the 80s, it is the culture of arcades that influences him the most – think Pac-Man, Defender, Back to the Future…oh I could go on and on (my love for the wildest era!) And also what inspired this playful collection consisting 10 made-to-order designs which all uniquely packed in old-school toy package shoe boxes – making each pair of them in equivalent to a collectible art piece.

    Enough words have been said, better see the photos and feel the buzzing vibe yourself..

    [metaslider id=1054]

    Why not also take a complete look at this most playful shoe collection ever – for the inner child in all of us

    nk102 nk10


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