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    When I am seen with my black framed prescription glasses on, it mostly means that it is a minimal-makeup day, either that, or I am spending most of my time in front of the computer – working – without makeup obviously. I am guessing for those of you who wear glasses to work will agree with me that neutral makeup scores the highest in pairing with that nerdy look – lightly powdered face, peachy blush, nude eye shadow & lips. In this case, less is always more. While a cakey face with bold lips is my personal faux pas when wearing thick frame glasses and could dangerously turn you into a gaudy secretary persona, I like to think that they are only fictional – the kind of look to avoid in real life at all costs. You might be wondering now – so what if I really feel like glamming up with a pair of glasses? Well, there is always a way for everything in life. All you need is a pair of metal frame glasses instead, preferably in gold, which fashion’s all time favourite girl Kendall Jenner is already so fond of, who had been spotted sporting a pair in numerous times. As for me, I laid my hands on Moscot’s IZZY frame. It was designed to be worn as sunglasses but I am never a rule follower, so score! Whatever works for my Asian face shape. I find that pairing metal frame with defined eyes and bold lips easily give you an ultra chic look that works like magic – it just screams fashion! But, unlike bold frame glasses, it is not as flattering when combined with minimal makeup. So better be cautious when making your makeup choice to avoid looking like a geeky librarian stereotype. If metal frame glasses are not already on your current shopping list, then you probably want to consider adding that on top. It will come in handy. I can promise you.



    MOSCOT IZZY glasses | Etre Cecile top | Zara jeans

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