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    A foolproof everyday highlighter is everyone’s makeup bag must-have regardless of what our makeup skill level is. Because for practical reason, we all NEED them for the magic they do to instantly lit up a sleepless face. Even on good skin day, we NEED them to accentuate the glow to picture-ready state. It is one beauty product that I can’t live without and can never have too many of. Yes, a good highlighter is my weak spot when it comes to beauty haul.
    If that blinding metallic shine is what you are after, then the subject in discussion today is likely won’t be of much help. But you are surely at the right place if that natural looking glow is your preference. You know the kind that blends into your skin so well and makes people wonder whether it is your true self or all man-made. To get that, picking the shade that is the closest to your skin tone is unsurprisingly the key – nothing too light or too dark. Something with a pinky or peachy undertone is always the winner choice. Anything that is too golden is what I personally try to avoid from turning into a walking glitter ball. So what highlighter to pick up if you are into the same kind like me then? I have 7 internet-famous highlighting powders which will easily give you that healthy-looking dewy look, instead of oily. There is a very thin line between the two when it comes to highlighting. So the product you choose is vital. I have had experiences myself with the Laura Mercier one and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (not the palette version). They are both the perfect everyday highlighters that really do live up to the hype.

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