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    Sometimes – or rather a lot of the times, to those of us who practically live and breathe all things fashion – straight guys (except a few rare ones that actually come with a sense of style) just don’t get why we wear what we wear. It is in no way something that ever concerned me though – coming from someone who dresses for no one but herself (yay high five, girl!). Now, let’s just imagine if there’s an official list of all those man-repelling things. I am pretty sure all-in-one pieces would rank quiet high on that one (the great  Man Repeller would probably agree on the spot too).

    Even for us girls, rompers and jumpsuits are the kinds of hit-or-miss styles that you either love wholeheartedly, or stay away from completely. I am more of the former type without a second thought. Workwear influenced style in particular – like a boiler suit – is my favourite go-to. Well, a typical man-repelling choice for sure. But, who cares, right? It is a no-brainer that one-piece style is one of those must-have wardrobe staples (next to LBD and blue jeans) that we could always lean on for the lazy days. You can slip them on and step out the door just like that without giving much thought on the styling – but still manage to look effortlessly cool and stylish. All you have to think about essentially is the shoes to pair them with, to say the least. Still, it doesn’t take a styling genius to got that right. The reason simply being that you just can’t do wrong with them. Whether to go formal with heels, or laid-back with sneakers and loafers, either way, they won’t let you down.




    Isabel Marant rompers | Ivylee Copenhagen booties| Saint Laurent Paris fringe pouch | Ray-Ban Sunglasses

    Of course, it is always a good idea to go an extra mile by injecting your own personal style with some outside-the-box styling tricks. The most on-trend one to take cue from right now is to layer them up with a shirt or t-shirt. As for me – apart from wearing an one-piece as it is – I also like to take the top down and wear it as a bottom. When dealing with those long-sleeved style, I would simply tie the sleeves at the front for a nonchalant appeal. I know, it may all sound too daunting and not up everyone’s street. But, trust me, it looks so much better than it sounds. Also, with the whole men-inspired trend taking place, this look would only be relevant to greet the streets now. Now, all you need is an open front onesie to try it yourself. And I got some choices just for you here at the end.




    Replay t-shirt | Isabel Marant rompers | Saint Laurent Paris skates | Proenza Schouler PS11 bag

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