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    It is in no denial that I am your typical physical-well-being freak who is in constant search of new (and better) beauty and health regimens to upgrade her personal care routine. And you can expect me to take the plunge every time I find one that worth the hype. Instead of blindly consuming different sorts of vitamins and supplements at your own risk – something I used to take part in – opting for a more organic approach seems to be more sensible when caring for your wellness. When I say organic, that means it will take a little more effort and time than just washing down some pills. But, trust me, it will all be worth it in the end. Recently, I have jumped on the bandwagon of the centuries-old (or decades-old) practice – you guessed it – dry brushing. It is good to know that dry brushing your skin is very effective at eliminating toxins out of your body, as detoxification is vital for weight loss and healthy skin – the two things that concern us girls the most. Whether you are considering to give it a try or already taking it as part of your beauty routine, hopefully my own experience with it so far would be valuable for you in some way. One thing is for sure: it really does work!

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    You NEED To Start Dry Brushing

    Let’s first start with a quick fact-check on what this age-old ritual can do for you: cleanse the lymphatic system, remove stretch marks, restore radiance to skin, exfoliate, relieve stress, and calm your mind (this post will give you a more in-depth factual review for that matter). These are just the most recognizable benefits of dry brushing. I am sure you will get a lot more goodness out of the process in the long run. So don’t stop just yet. Now, move onto my one-month-old experience with it. The post-brushing feeling is definitely stimulating and surely addictive. You feel lighter after each brush that makes you want to come back for more. Instead of everyday, I perform the process every two days (sometimes three) before getting into the shower, as my skin is relatively sensitive so over-exfoliating is not a risk to be taken. According to goop, the other way to do it is by applying essential oil on the brush – make sure you shower beforehand if you opted for this method.

    How To Brush

    Of course, the first thing to do before everything is to pick your appliance – the brush. I am using this one by Mio Skincare which is perfect in size. I love how it also features massage nubs along with the natural boar bristles. When it comes to brushing, keep in mind that your heart center is the core that you always want to brush in a motion leading towards it. Don’t press too hard against your skin as you brush though – pain doesn’t necessarily guaranteed effectiveness. I normally start off from the feet all the way up toward the thighs, then work in circular motion around my stomach. Next, move onto the palms, the arms, and the back. Lastly, brush the chest area in downward motion. And don’t forget the underarms too! The whole process is recommended not to take longer than 10-15 minutes – the ‘working hard pays off’ philosophy doesn’t apply here, unfortunately. (Video tutorial)

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