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    Even though it seems impossible to go wrong with denims, it is another story when you decided to double it up. There are many dos and don’ts to be aware of. Known as the Canadian tuxedo (not trying to offend anyone, but Canada is not exactly celebrated for its fashion), the double-denim look has long been taken as a fashion faux pas by many since the Britney & Justin days. Of course, I personally love denim-on-denim, and never dissed it when everyone else does. Surprise, surprise.

    And to help redeem its reputation, below are a few golden rules I concluded on creating a modern double-denim look…

    • I know it might seem to be the safest way, but don’t be tempted to go all matchy-matchy. Tone-on-tone is tres chic with suits, but not so much when it comes to the humble denim. Take my pairing of blue and off-white pieces here as an example. I like how it is a more toned-down approach to the look than doing the usual double-blue.
    • If you want to look contemporary, just pick items that look so too – like this Nanushka denim skirt I feature here. Pieces like that with interesting details will make your styling job a lot easier.
    • Try to play with layering. Don’t just stop at a denim top and bottom. Add something non-denim under or over. It will change everything instantly. I promise.
    • The more jewels the merrier. Just add on your silver and gold treasures to complete the look. This is not the time to go minimal on that front.


    TOP: SELECTED denim shirt & TOPSHOP bodysuit || BOTTOM: NANUSHKA denim skirt || SHOES: TIBI mules (or here)|| BAG: MANGO


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