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    I don’t know about you, but for me, those transitional period between seasons make quiet an unfriendly impact on my skin and hair that can’t go unnoticed. Those are the times when new arrangements need to be made with my beauty regime to prepare for the climate change. It could be tempting to pile up many products all at once in the hope to rescue your troubled skin quickly – something I used to attempt too. But through years of trial and error with countless amount of high-end, mid-range and drugstore products, I have come to the conclusion that less is always more for my combination skin. It is especially true, for any skin type in general, during this most critical time of the year. So, here is a few of the latest additions to my beauty routines that had passed the trial test, and shall stay to get me through that rocky time this season.

    PIXI Glow Tonic

    I had been wanting to include an exfoliating toner in my routine for a while. However, my previous unpleasant experience with acids had made me a bit skeptical to do so. After some digging around, I decided to give Pixi a go based on its rave reviews even from people with sensitive skin. It is a lot more gentle than most other similar toners out there, AND it is very well priced – which is a big plus. So far so good after a week of use with no additional exfoliation seemed to be in need of. I can see it being an all-year-round item for me until my skin calls for something stronger.

    SUNDAY RILEY Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

    Face oils are all the hype now in case you haven’t noticed. Like most people with combination skin, I was kinda reluctant at first about the idea of putting oil on my breakout-prone skin. For some unknown reason my skin is noticeably dehydrated this year (sign of aging? No God, please nooooo!), and especially so as autumn gets close. I know it is probably time to get some grease on when the usual moisturising plan just won’t cut it anymore. Sunday Riley’s Juno oil is what I settled on due to the fact that everything is cold-pressed, and doesn’t contain essential oils. It is also said to be the best oil for when your skin is ‘confused’ according to the interview with the founder here. Let’s just say that I am in love with face oils and won’t live without one from now on.

    AESOP Lucent Facial Concentrate

    There are always a few Aesop products I keep handy around home mainly because I just love their soothing botanical scents so much. And knowing that most of their ingredients are plant-based and cruelty-free also help put my mind at ease. Their skincare range is particularly compatible with my skin type. After trying a sample of this newly launched serum, I immediately went out and bought the full sized bottle. This vitamin-packed goodness is easily absorbed by my thirsty skin without leaving a sticky residue after. It is the last step of my night routine before having everything locked in with the Juno oil.

    AESOP B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel

    Another holy grail from the brand I will be keeping around for glowing skin. I would say this cult favourite is the must-have item from the brand for emergency care. It is one of those things you have to experience yourself in order to understand it. It will literally save your distressed skin overnight. Yes, the thick honey consistency is not the most likeable texture to work with. But, who cares if it really works, right? I will mix in a few drops of the Lucent Facial Concentrate which makes the application a lot easier. It sinks into the skin pretty quickly, so the stickiness is not really a problem.

    ORIBE Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream

    I wonder how the hell does my Net-a-Porter packer always happened to pick the best beauty samples for me. There are too many times that I gave in after trying the samples. This hair cream is no exception. It has solved my hair problems all in one go – frizz, shine and texture. I don’t really like to blow dry my perms (ok, also part of me being lazy). So, now I just have to put on this cream after each wash, let my hair air dry, and it then looks like I just stepped out of the salon.

    BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Brilliantine

    This one was recommended by my hair stylist when I wanted something light to style my hair with a natural shiny finish. When it comes to hair styling, hair spray and wax are what I tend to stay away as I prefer my hair to look as less ‘done’ as possible. I usually just use it on top of the Oribe cream when I need to add more sheen to my strands for pictures or special occasions.


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