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    It has been said and proved for countless times through out the centuries that one can never have too many pairs of LBJ (little blue jeans), and obviously in my case, that saying also applied. We know we can always trust our denim and reach out to it repeatedly without ever failing us, simply because you just cannot do wrong with denim pieces. It is also the only kind of materials I could think of that would actually looked even more appealing when faded and ripped. Needless to mention that theoretically they require almost zero maintenance from day one – a godsend for the lazy ones. I never washed my jeans unless when really necessary – nothing to do with laziness – as it simply kills their ‘soul’ and ruin that natural unique look of rawness which I have been intentionally maintaining.
    When it comes to shopping for jeans, of course that classic pair of straight legs like Levi’s 501 are a must-have for all of us. But how about when a fresh spin is needed on expanding our existing denim collection? Then you should look no further than these contemporary denim brands – more like lifestyle brands to me – my new go-to names for everything denim. Not only they promise quality and flattering fit, but also packed with all the trendy elements we need right now in a pair of jeans. You might not be aware of but you must have seen this pair and also this pair before – frayed flare bottoms – the kind of style which have taken over the streets by storm, and guess what? They all came from these three cool denim brands who you are recommended to familarize yourself with if you have not already done so yet. It is noteworthy that their product lines also extend into other apparel categories and even accessories, not just limited to denim – diversity is always a good thing, no?

    M.i.h Jeans

    mihImage: M.i.h Mimi Jean
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    Mother Denim

    mihImage: Roller Crop Fray in Disorderly
    [metaslider id=4843]



    mihImage: WM3 Crop Fringe Stella
    [metaslider id=4845]

    (Cover image: M.i.h Jeans Cult Denim Project)


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